Emaldo Power Core AIO

KfW 442 Eligible

KfW Eligible

Emaldo Power Core is KFW 442 Subsidy Approved

Did you get approved for the latest KFW 442 subsidy grant? Then you should definitely take a look at the Emaldo Power Core AI-powered 3-in-1 power management system. 

The Emaldo Power Core includes our custom 11 kW inverter, expandable battery capacity to meet any needs and a built-in type 2 electrical vehicle charger. 

In symbiosis with the hardware, is our proprietary AI engine Energenie® which will learn your household’s unique electricity usage patterns and start adjusting the way it manages your power supply accordingly. 

By knowing your power consumption requirements on any given day, week or year, it is able to optimize many aspects of your power needs and help you spend as little as possible on your electricity bill and make sure you get the very most out of your own solar production.  

In many cases the Energenie® AI will be able to cut the money you spend on buying from the grid by half.

Contact your local installer today and ask for a quotation on a the Emaldo Power Core.

What is KFW Subsidy for Solar power for electric cars exactly?

With the ‘Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging’ grant, the German Finanzagentur encourage the acquisition and setup of electric vehicle charging stations coupled with a photovoltaic system and energy storage. The grant’s primary objective is to enable electric vehicle owners to charge their cars using environmentally friendly, self-generated solar energy. 

The grants are applied for and managed though KfW. The KFW 442 has been exhausted and no further applications are possible. 

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