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Important information on tax reduction on Emaldo® Power Core batteries.

Important information on tax reduction on Emaldo® Power Core batteries.

The following information pertains exclusively to installers in Sweden.


On January 15th, the Swedish Tax Office issued an announcement specifying that to qualify for Grön Teknik, a battery must be used "exclusively" or "almost exclusively" for storing self-produced energy.

In response to this, we engaged in discussions with our contact at Skatteverket to seek clarification. We sought confirmation regarding whether customers could lock their batteries solely for storing self-produced energy and still be eligible for Grön Teknik.

After several conversations, an official email was sent to the tax office on February 8th, requesting clarification on this matter. This is the email sent to Skatteverket.

Tax reduction information

Despite consistent follow-ups, we did not receive an official response, until today. Regrettably, the Tax Office has provided a brief response suggesting that they do not believe locking the batteries solely for storing self-produced energy is sufficient for claiming tax reduction. However, little explanation has been provided regarding how this conclusion was reached.

We share in your surprise and disappointment regarding this development. Currently, we are in discussions with our legal team to determine the next steps. While we firmly disagree with the Tax Office's response, we feel obligated to inform you, our valued installer partners.

We acknowledge that this decision will have an impact on your operations as an installation company. As we are still evaluating the full implications of this decision, we have not yet finalized how we will be able to best support you moving forward.

Despite this setback, we want to emphasize that the Emaldo® Power Core continues to offer remarkable opportunities for both customers and installers.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through this situation. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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