AI Upgrade

Add profitable AI features such as the option to earn passive income through grid balancing and intelligent auto-buying of needed electricity at the very lowest prices possible, to your Emaldo® Power Core.

This digital upgrade of the Emaldo® Power Core installs our proprietary Energenie® AI on the system and instantly adds even more value to it.

Enables passive income through grid balancing
Allows the system owner to join the Emaldo® Grid Rewards program
Enables intelligent auto-buy at the lowest possible prices

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Earn passive income

Help balance the grid and get monthly payouts directly to your bank account.

Auto-buy at cheapest price

Energenie® knows the future electricity prices and buys at the lowest possible price.

Profitable optimization

Use clean free or cheap energy when prices are high, to save even more.



  • 1 x Digital AI upgrade


Grid balancing

Enables automatic and passive income though grid balancing with the Emaldo® Grid Reward program.


It knows the future electricity prices and buys required electricity at the lowest possible price.

Price forecasting

Receives real-time data on future electricity prices in the actual installation location.

Savings optimization

Learns the households unique consumption patterns and use this data for constant optimization.

A truely unified system

Integrating a hybrid solar inverter, car charger, battery management system, safe and recyclable batteries and EMS into one powerful energy system.

✔️ 10.8 kWh hybrid inverter
✔️ Integrated car charger  
✔️ Battery management system
✔️ Fast, safe and recyclable batteries
✔️ Energy management system

Integrated car charger

Charge your car with free clean solar energy directly from the Emaldo® Power Core with the built-in type 2 electric vehicle charger.

✔️ Integrated type 2 car charger
✔️ Driving directly fulled by the sun

Stay on with power backup

The Emaldo® Power Core backup protection will keep your home running even during blackouts and brownouts.

✔️ Power backup of all the important stuff
✔️ The Emaldo® KeepON™ Backup kit is sold separately.

Fast and safe batteries

Our battery power boxes are built using the safest battery technology available, making the Emaldo® Power Core safe to be around for your whole family. 

✔️ Super fast battery response rate
✔️ Safe LiFePO4 batteries
✔️ 100% recyclable

Installs in just 3 hours

The modular and compact design of the Emaldo® Power Core, combined with our SlideON™ connectivity, makes installation easy, fast and completely free of internal wirering.

✔️ Fast and straightforward installation
✔️ SlideON™ for plug and play
✔️ No internal wiring required at all
✔️ Modular design makes it easy to handle

Owner's app

With the Emaldo® app for Android™ and iOS®, owners can monitor their solar energy production in real time, check their consumption and tweak the system to their personal preferences.

✔️ Free on Android and iOS
✔️ Available in many languages

Emaldo Power Suite

Access to our one-stop online installer's platform, that supports every step of the journey, from quotation through after-sale support.

✔️ From quotation to after-sale support in one system
✔️ Easy installation management from your browser
✔️ Marketing content
✔️ Product and installation training

Energenie AI

Bit by bit, the Energenie® AI engine will learn the household’s unique electricity consumption patterns and start optimizing the way it manages power supply accordingly. 

✔️ Automatically buys electricity when its cheapest
✔️ Use the cheap energy stored, when prices are highest
✔️ Earn passive income through Emaldo® Grid Rewards