Emaldo® Power Core

Unlock the power of six-in-one.

Integrating solar inverter, EV charger, battery management system, safe batteries, EMS and grid balancing into one powerful energy system.

Home power made easy

The most Innovative home energy system

Six-in-one AI optimized system

Connects to solar panels and stores energy

Learns your household's consumption pattern

Knows the future grid prices in advance

Built-in electric vehicle charger

Home Power Made Easy

Stop paying. Get paid.

The Emaldo Power Core is a true all-in-one home power management solution, bringing our custom high-performance inverter, our expandable battery power boxes, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a dedicated type 2 electric vehicle charger, into one stylish cabinet.

Everything built into one expandable device

The all-in-one design of the Emaldo Power Core eliminates the need for installation of separate devices, reduces space requirements drastically and allows for the shortest system setup time in the industry.

With our 3.1 kWh battery power boxes, you can expand the battery capacity of a single Emaldo Power Core to accommodate almost all needs and if you want to go really big, the system allows for easy parallel connections for up to an extreme 86 kWh system.

Fast. Cheap. Green.

Charge your electric vehicle your way

The Emaldo Power Core is the only system in the market with a dedicated type 2 electric vehicle charger built right into it.

Not only does the EV charger save you from additional costs of buying this separately, but it will allow you to charge your car exactly the way you prefer.

Choose to charge only on solar power or ask the system to intelligently charge with the cheapest possible grid prices, all still making sure your electric car is ready to go the next morning.

Solar panels

Get full advantage of your solar power

The Emaldo Power Core batteries ensure that you get maximum advantage of the solar power you generate, storing it all until you actually need it. All the while our Energenie® AI engine optimizes output and reduces your carbon footprint. 

The Emaldo Power Core integrates seemly with your existing or new solar panels and the built-in 3 MPPT inverter allows you to have panels installed at several locations on your property.

24/7 True Power Backup

When everyone else drop out, you’re always on

The Emaldo Power Core backup protection will keep your home running even during blackouts and brownouts.

The Emaldo® KeepON™ 24/7 Backup kit is sold separately.

Not just a glorified reporting tool

Control your system with the app

With our app for Android and iPhone, you can monitor your solar energy production in real time, check your usage and tweak the system to your personal preferences.

Set your preferred EV charging mode, adjust the SmartPower settings to suit your lifestyle and keep an eye on your savings, both cash and on your carbon footprint.

Safe and green batteries

Safety and environment, hand in hand

Our battery power boxes are built using the safest battery technology available, making the Emaldo Power Core safe to be around for your whole family. 

The very same batteries are even 100% recyclable, making it possible to reactivate the battery cells even after years of use. Reusing instead of discarding depleted batteries, even though done properly, drastically helps reducing the carbon footprint and impact on our common environment.

Lightweight, flush with the wall, and minimal wiring

Real easy and fast installation

Home power stations can be a bit tedious to install, due to their size, weight and the many connections required, but the Emaldo Power Core changes that.

The traditional heavy weight has been drastically reduced, making it much easier and safer to install than other systems and with its uniquely slim profile the Emaldo Power Core snugs right up against the wall, with absolutely no space requirements for cabeling, brackets, and ventilation.

To make it even easier to install, the Emaldo Power Core features our SlideON℠ connectors, allowing both inverter and battery power boxes to be installed in the cabinet without any wirering at all. Simply slide it in, and it is ready to go.

Green, greener, greenest

Renewable energy optimization the easy way

The green transition is put on autopilot with the Emaldo Power Core. Carbon footprint savings are built in to the very core of the system, helping you reach the full potential of every single sun beam.

Our Energenie® AI engine helps put this into overdrive, by intelligently learning your family's energy usage patterns and optimizing every part of the system, from storage management to charging your electric vehicle.

Energenie® AI engine inside

The mastermind behind it all

The Emaldo Power Core is more than just power storage. Our proprietary Energenie® AI engine is built into the very core of our system.

With a combination of its knowledge of your local future electricity pricing down to the hour, local weather and sun hour forecasting, as well as its unique ability to learn your household’s energy usage patter, it will automatically and constantly save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Child and pet safe

Safe for the whole family

Safety comes before everything else and it is baked into the very core design of the Emaldo Power Core. 

The physical design is done to avoid any exposed wires and hot vents, making the Emaldo Power Core safe to be around for both children and pets alike and our battery power boxes are built on the safest battery technology available, creating a safe environment for you whole family.

Technical specifications

Packed to the brim with all the good stuff

At our ressource hub you will find detailed information about the Emaldo Power Core, including its features, specifications, and installation instructions.

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Feature comparison

Discover why the Emaldo® Power Core provides so much more value.


Emaldo® Power Core


Fastest battery response time



Own developed and optimized batteries



No additional hardware required for grid balancing



No third party grid balancing partner required



True all-in-one system



Integrated AI engine



Automatic data feed

Automatic forecasting of grid prices, sun hours and weather.


Integrated EV car charger

Type 2 charger


Individual controllable batteries



Avg. installation time

3 hours

8 hours