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Passively help stabilize your local electricity grid, support the change to renewable energy production and earn money doing so.

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Your profit


Your expected passive profit in SEK every year. Grid rewards are automatically paid to your account on a monthly basis.



Expected and automated yearly earnings in SEK from grid balancing contribution.
Compare with other systems.



Expected and automated yearly savings in SEK trough peak shaving and consumption optimization.

This calculation is based on market prices from 2020 up to today. Please note that market prices can fluctuate; this calculation demonstrates favorable returns historically. The future is unpredictable, and market prices can move both upwards and downwards. Compensation scales linearly with the system's capacity. This means that a 10 kW system generates twice as much revenue as a 5 kW system.

September 2024

Emaldo® Grid Rewards is officially launching in September 2024, but you can already now join the program with your Emaldo® system. By doing so, we guarantee a monthly payout of SEK 2,000 in Sweden and DKK 1.500 in Denmark, with the expectation of a potentially increased payout September 2024.

Grid Balancing Comparisson

Discover why Emaldo® Grid rewards makes so much more sense.




Highest payouts

✅ Yes. See how much.


Extra hardware required

✅ No extra hardware required.

Yes, app. SEK 15.000 extra added cost.

Product warranty

✅ Yes, 10 years.


Locking batteries

✅ No locking.

Yes, the full battery capacity will be locked.

Able to use your system

✅ Yes, all functions.

No. You cannot use your system once you entered the contract.

3rd party contract required

✅ No 3rd party contract required.

Yes. You will need to sign contract with 3rd parties.

Other features

✅ Yes, all features will be available.

  • Peak shaving
  • Consumption optimization
  • Energy arbitrage.


Learn about

Grid balancing

The landscape of global energy production is evolving rapidly, transitioning from traditional sources like coal-fired power plants to cleaner, renewable alternatives such as solar and wind power.

While this shift holds immense value for all of us, it also presents challenges, notably in the form of instability within our electricity grids due to imbalances between production and consumption. This is where you can help.

Higher payouts

Get paid more

Emaldo® Grid Rewards ensures that your monthly payouts surpass those offered by any other alternative in the market. Our success is driven by a combination of factors. Our hardware and software have been meticulously optimized from the ground up to deliver maximum balancing effects. Additionally, our advanced capabilities in big-scale data analysis and AI forecasting enable us to accurately predict consumption patterns and anticipate upcoming balancing requirements and bids.

No extra hardware

No expensive hardware required

Normally enabling grid balancing on your battery, requires the installation of external and costly hardware.

However, with the Emaldo® Power Core, there’s no need for external hardware or third-party involvement. Everything you require is seamlessly integrated into the Emaldo® Power Core itself. From signing up to receiving your monthly earnings, Emaldo® will be your sole point of contact, making the process hassle-free and straightforward.

No battery locking

Dual-use your batteries

Choosing others to enable grid balancing on your batteries means they’ll be exclusively locked for this purpose, leaving you with batteries that can’t be used to store your self-produced solar energy. However, with the Emaldo® Power Core, you can accomplish both simultaneously. This grants you the advantages of generating free green electricity for personal use during peak grid buying times while also passively earning income by aiding in the balancing of the local electricity grid.

Better balancing effect

Earn more with less investment

Emaldo® batteries offer a significantly higher balancing effect compared to most alternative batteries on the market, including well-known brands like Huawei and Growatt. This means you get greater grid balancing efficiency from your batteries, ultimately saving you money. Unlike other brands where you might need to purchase additional batteries to achieve comparable results and payouts, with Emaldo®, you can achieve the same effect and payouts without the need for extra investment.

Intelligent optimization

Laser focused optimization

By harnessing the power of our built-in AI engine®, Energenie taps into a deep understanding of your individual consumption patterns. Coupled with real-time data on imminent demands and balancing bids, we can precisely tailor the optimization of your Emaldo® Power Core. This strategic approach ensures maximum contribution, ultimately resulting in higher earnings for you.

Hardware and software synergy

Synergy is efficiency

As the developer of both hardware, software, and data infrastructure, we have the unique advantage of optimizing every aspect of our technology. This comprehensive approach results in a significantly more stable and efficient grid balancing service compared to third-party solutions. With our integrated system, you can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of our grid balancing service.

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After completing your first full month of participation, you'll receive your initial payout. This money will be automatically transferred to the bank account you provided during sign-up on the first banking day of the following month.

For instance, if you sign up on June 26th, your first payout will be processed on August 1st, and subsequent payouts will follow on the first banking day of each month thereafter. Keep in mind that bank transfer processing times may differ based on your bank.

Please allow up to 5 banking days for the payout to reflect in your account.

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Monthly payouts

After receiving your initial payout, you can anticipate automatic payouts on the first banking day of each subsequent month, provided you remain active in the program.