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Emaldo Enters Distribution Agreement with Solar Danmark A/S

Emaldo Enters Distribution Agreement with Solar Danmark A/S


Solar x Emaldo

We are pleased to announce that Emaldo has entered an distribution agreement with Solar Danmark A/S. This agreement marks an important step in our mission to deliver groundbreaking AI-optimized energy management systems to homes across Denmark.

Starting from Friday, 05.07.2024, all sales of Emaldo® products in Denmark will be conducted through Solar Danmark A/S.

This strategic partnership ensures that our customers receive the best service and access to our advanced products, including Emaldo® Power Core and Emaldo® Power Store, as well as Emaldo® Power Pulse, which will be available for pre-order.

More about Solar Danmark A/S

Solar Danmark A/S is a leading distributor of electrical solutions, and we are confident that their expertise and strong market position will enhance our presence and growth in Denmark. Together with Solar Danmark A/S, we look forward to bringing energy-efficient solutions to Danish homes and contributing to a more sustainable future.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and to serving our Danish customers even better with Solar Danmark A/S as our exclusive distribution partner.

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