Power Core now works with ANY inverter system

Power Core now works with ANY inverter system

Emaldo Power Core now works in combination with ANY Inverter system. 

What does this mean?

Customers who already have a solar system installed and would like to install a battery normally have a problem. Traditional batteries can only be connected to a compatible hybrid inverter. This means that adding a battery to an existing solar installation can be very complex and costly, if possible at all.

    Emaldo has now updated its software which allows the Power Core and Power Core AI, to charge its battery by using energy produced by an already installed solar system.
      This means that installers are now able to offer a battery solution to every customer who already has a solar system installed without having to touch the existing installation.

          How does it work?

          No physical connection is required between the existing solar system and the Power Core.

          The Power Core will be installed in combination with the smart meter. The smart meter will measure when the existing solar installation is exported energy back into the grid. When the smart meter measures power is being exported, the Power Core will start charging.

            What are the benefits?

            A lot of customers have their existing inverter installed in a location where it is not possible to install a battery. The Emaldo Power Core can be installed anywhere in the home as long as it is connected to the same grid connection.

            A lot of customers have solar systems installed without a battery. When the solar panels are generating more power than is being consumed in the home, this excess energy is being sold back to the grid. Customers are now able to store this energy in the battery for use later in the day.

            Customers are able to benefit from storing their own energy for use at a later time.
            Customers choosing to install the Power Core AI will have the option to benefit from the Emaldo Grid Reward program.


              Who can benefit?

              Existing installations

              Installers normally have a database of customers where they installed solar systems in the past. Installers can now approach these customers and offer them an Emaldo Power Core battery solution.

              Our market research suggests that 67% of customers who have a solar system installed are interested in a battery solution.

              Install a battery even when the customer's existing solar inverter is a NON Hybrid inverter.

                New installations

                Installers are able to directly connect solar panels to the MPPT's in the Power Core. However, the inverter size and restrictions on string voltage and Wattage can be a challenge. Installers are now able to install any inverter brand and simply use the Power Core as the battery.

                  Grid Rewards and Price tracking

                  Customers choosing to install the Power Core AI will have the option to benefit from the Emaldo Grid Reward program.

                  Currently customers are benefiting from a 2.000 SEK monthly payment. This guaranteed payment will continue until Emaldo has enough installed capacity to activate the Emaldo VPP (Virtual Power Plant)

                  Once the VPP is up and running payments are expected to increase to 27,618 SEK per year.

                    When will this update be available?

                    The software update will be made available to all systems in July.

                    This will be a remote firmware update, no need to visit customers OR change any setting, this will all be done for you.

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