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Emaldo® oncourse to be both a BSP and BRP

Emaldo® oncourse to be both a BSP and BRP

The following information pertains exclusively to installers in Sweden.

Svenska kraftnät recently made changes to the way that plan to approach opening up the market for new balancing service providers. 

The newly announced changes now makes it mandatory for service providers in grid balancing for Svenska kraftnät, to function both as BSP (Balancing Service Provider) and BRP (Balancing Responsible Party). 

As Emaldo® will function both as a BSP and BRP, neither you as a partner installer or your customer, the owner of an Emaldo® Power Core, will experience any changes in how the Emaldo® Grid Rewards program works. 

We will continue to pay out a monthly compensation of SEK 2.000 to all customers with a connected Emaldo® Power Core system and come May 2024, when Svenska kraftnät opens for third party balancing, we will convert the current monthly compensation with true balancing compensation based on your systems contribution.

Read more about how to apply for Emaldo® Grid Rewards here

For more question also read our FAQ below. 


Emaldo Grid Rewards FAQ

What is a Grid Balancing Reward Program?

A Grid Balancing Reward Program is an upcoming initiative that aims to incentivize participation in grid balancing activities. It will provide additional compensation to energy system providers who fulfill specific requirements outlined by Svenska kraftnät.

What are BSP and BRP?

BSP stands for Balance Service Provider, while BRP stands for Balance Responsible Party. These terms refer to roles within the electricity market:

Balance Service Provider (BSP): A BSP is responsible for providing services that help balance the electricity grid, such as managing fluctuations in supply and demand. BSPs play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability and reliability.
Balance Responsible Party (BRP): A BRP is responsible for ensuring that the electricity they produce or consume matches their contractual obligations within the electricity market. BRPs are accountable for maintaining balance and managing deviations between scheduled and actual electricity consumption or production.

    Why is BSP and BRP status important for offering the Grid Balancing Reward Program?

    To be eligible for the Grid Balancing Reward Program, energy system providers must hold both BSP and BRP status. This requirement ensures that participants have the necessary capabilities and responsibilities to effectively contribute to grid balancing efforts.

    Is the Emaldo® Power Core BSP and BRP eligible?

    The Emaldo® Power Core, meets all criteria and obligations. The Emaldo® Power Core oncourse to be both a BSP and BRP.

    What is Emaldo® Grid Rewards?

    Emaldo® Grid Rewards is a program that allows owners of the Emaldo® Power Core home energy systems to earn a passive income by contributing to grid stability through autonomous charging and discharging to and from the grid.

    How does Emaldo® Grid Rewards work?

    Owners of Emaldo® Power Core simply sign up for the Grid Program through the app. The system then autonomously manages charging and discharging to help stabilize the electricity grid. This process occurs seamlessly without any additional steps required from the user.

    Why is compensation provided for participating in Emaldo® Grid Rewards?

    The compensation is provided because owners of Emaldo® Power Core systems play a crucial role in addressing the instability introduced by increasing reliance on renewable energy sources. By allowing their systems to autonomously balance the grid, owners contribute to the overall stability of the electricity grid.

    Who is eligible to participate in the Emaldo® Grid Rewards?

    Currently, Emaldo Grid Rewards is only available to customers who purchase their energy from a few Swedish electricity companies. However, as of May 2024 this will change and it no longers matters who you purchase your energy from. Yet, as an Emaldo® Power Core owner in Sweden, you need not wait for this change. We presently guarantee a monthly payout of SEK 2,000, with the expectation of a potentially increased payout post-May 2024.

    Is there any additional equipment required to participate in Emaldo Grid Rewards?

    No, there is no additional equipment required. Everything needed for participation is integrated into the Emaldo® Power Core system. Users can continue using their system without any constraints while earning money through the grid balancing program.

    Can I increase my earnings from Emaldo® Grid Rewards?

    While the current guaranteed payout is SEK 2,000 per month, there may be opportunities for increased earnings in the future. Emaldo® continuously evaluates and updates its compensation structure to provide the best possible benefits to participants.

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