Automated optimization with the

Energenie® AI Engine

A generation ahead

This is why the Energenie® AI Engine makes a world of difference

Learns your household's usage pattern

Saves you money automatically

Buys from the grid at the lowest possible price

Weather forecasting

Sun hour prediction

Learns your energy usage patterns

Works for you, because it knows you

Bit by bit, the Energenie® AI engine will learn your household’s unique electricity usage patterns and start adjusting the way it manages your power supply accordingly. 

By knowing your power consumption requirements on any given day, week or year, it is able to optimize many aspects of your power needs and help you spend as little as possible on your electricity bill and make sure you get the very most out of your own solar production.  

In many cases the Energenie® AI will be able to cut the money you spend on buying from the grid by half.

Auto buys at the lowest price

Save money without lifting a finger

Not only does the Energenie® engine knows when to buy electricity from the grid at the lowest possible price, but it knows your usage needs and adjusts accordingly, making sure your household runs smoothly, even when you are charging your electric vehicle, all while ensuring you are covered in the event of a blackout.

This way you are sure your electrical bill is as low as it gets, while still living your life to the fullest.

AI forecasting

Knowledge is gold. Literally.

The Energenie® AI engine is constantly and automatically updated with real-time data on several important aspects of your power requirements.

It will know your local weather and sun hour forecasts and adjust accordingly, ensuring that you will get the absolute most out of your own solar generated power and only buy the bare minimum from the grid at the lowest possible price. 

Save money, go all green or both

Your life, your decisions. Energenie® is there for you

We all live different lives and we all have different power requirements to fulfil that. No matter your specific need, the Emaldo Power Core IAO with the Energenie® AI inside, will help you.

Choose to go 100% green and only power your electric vehicle with solar energy or go a more balanced route. The choice is yours and you can change your mind as often as your like, with a simple tap in the app.