Power Box 3.1 kWh

The Emaldo® Power Boxes are built using the safest battery technology currently available, ensuring that the Emaldo® Power Core is safe for your entire family.


Safe for All

Each Emaldo® Power Box has a capacity of 3.1 kWh and is constructed with low-voltage LiFePO4 battery cells, which are known for being the safest battery technology available.


100% Recyclable

These batteries are fully recyclable, enabling the reactivation of battery cells even after years of use. Opting for reuse rather than disposal of depleted batteries significantly reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Environmentally Responsible Production

We employ water-based battery cell manufacturing processes, which reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40%, significantly decreasing the overall carbon footprint throughout the battery's lifecycle.


SlideON™ Connections Eliminate Internal Wiring

The Emaldo® Power Boxes feature our proprietary SlideON™ connectors, allowing you to effortlessly slide the battery into the cabinet and establish connections without the need for any wiring whatsoever.

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Technical specifications

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