Power Box 5.12 kWh (C2.2)

⚠️ Available September 2024

⚠️ Cannot be mixed with 3.1 kWh battery

The new 5.12 kWh Emaldo® Power Box offers a whopping 65% increase in capacity, while keeping the same compact formfactor as the 3.1 kWh version and the battery response time has been increased to an extreme C2.2 - Making it the perfect battery for grid balancing!

Extreme C2.2 response time
Up to 440% faster than other batteries
Safest low-voltage LiFePO4 battery cells
Re-activatable and 100% recyclable
SlideON™ connection for plug and play

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Extreme C2.2 response time

Up to 440% faster than other batteries, making it the perfect battery for grid balancing!

Safest technology

Built on the safest low-voltage LiFePO4 battery cell technology for anyone to be around without worry.

100% recyclable 

Our battery cells are re-activatable and recyclable, significantly decreasing the overall carbon footprint throughout the battery's lifecycle.

Plug and play

Our SlideON™ connection allows for plug and play installation, without any need for wiring.


  • 1 x 5.12 kWh Emaldo® Power Box Battery

Featured specs

Battery capacity

5120 Wh

Battery C-rate

Up to 440% faster than other systems

Battery technology

Low-voltage LiFePO4 battery cells

Fast and safe batteries

Our battery power boxes are built using the safest battery technology available, making the Emaldo® Power Core safe to be around for your whole family. 

✔️ Super fast battery response rate
✔️ Safe LiFePO4 batteries
✔️ 100% recyclable

Owner's app

With the Emaldo® app for Android™ and iOS®, owners can monitor their solar energy production in real time, check their consumption and tweak the system to their personal preferences.

✔️ Free on Android and iOS
✔️ Available in many languages

Emaldo Power Suite

Access to our one-stop online installer's platform, that supports every step of the journey, from quotation through after-sale support.

✔️ From quotation to after-sale support in one system
✔️ Easy installation management from your browser
✔️ Marketing content
✔️ Product and installation training