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New Product Launch: Emaldo Power Core

New Product Launch: Emaldo Power Core

We received a lot of feedback from our customers and partners and found that there is significant demand for a storage solution which will ONLY be used by customers to store self produced energy for use at a later time.

We have listened to our partners and are happy to announce the Emaldo Power Core.


What is the Power Core and how is it different from the Power Core AI?

  • The Power Core still has a lot of the functionality which our partners love.
  • Easy installation
  • Market leading App
  • High capacity storage with fast discharge.
  • Integrated Car charger
  • Can be installed in combination with any Inverter (Retrofit)

Partners have asked us to remove the following

  • AI function.
  • Ability to purchase energy when prices are low for usage in the home when energy is expensive.
  • Grid Reward functionality.

Is the Power Core AI still available?

Yes, the Power Core AI is still available as a separate product in the web shop.


Why have we done this?

There are some countries which have restrictions on applying for subsidies on products which have AI & grid balancing functionality. We want to ensure that we offer a product which is applicable in these markets*.

In some countries there are no Grid Rewards available or Dynamic pricing structure.


    How do I order this product?

    • The Emaldo Power Core is available from today in the web shop.
    • The product has its own SKU.

      Can you upgrade the Power Core to Power Core AI?

      To avoid confusion some of the functionality in the App is restricted to customers purchasing the Emaldo Power Core.

      It is possible for an Authorized Emaldo installer to, at some point in the future, upgrade a Power core to Power Core AI.


      *Emaldo makes no guarantees the Power Core will be accepted for tax reductions or government incentives.

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