Meet us at the 2024 expos

Meet us at the 2024 expos

We gear up to participate in two more prestigious expos this year. We're thrilled to announce our presence at the renowned Intersolar Europe Energy Storage (EES) expo in Germany and the El&Teknik Expo in Denmark. These events provide us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge energy solutions, connect with industry experts, and engage with our valued community.

Intersolar Europe Energy Storage (EES) - Germany

Join us in Germany at Intersolar EES, a premier event that brings together the latest innovations in solar and energy storage. Our team will be on-site to provide insights into our groundbreaking technologies and discuss the future of sustainable energy solutions. This is your chance to witness firsthand how the Emaldo Power Core is leading the way in revolutionizing power management.

El&Teknik Expo - Denmark

Denmark, get ready! Emaldo Power Core is excited to be part of the El&Teknik Expo, where we'll showcase our state-of-the-art products designed to meet the evolving needs of the energy sector. We look forward to connecting with industry professionals, sharing our expertise, and learning from the vibrant energy community in Denmark.

Meet Us in Person

If you're as enthusiastic as we are about the future of energy, we invite you to meet us in person at these expos. Discover how the Emaldo Power Core is shaping the landscape of sustainable power solutions. For details on our participation, booth locations, and how to schedule a meeting, visit our website's events page here. We're excited to engage with you, answer your questions, and explore potential collaborations.

Connect with Us Virtually

For those unable to attend in person, don't worry! You can still connect with us virtually. Follow our social media channels for live updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive content from the expos. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and insights into the future of Emaldo Power Core.

Mark your calendars, and let's shape the future of energy together! See you there!

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